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Increase your tournament results by more than 3% within two month!

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Vu-Bridge helps you plan your play of the cards with accuracy.

Play prepared hands with the best authors:

  • Phillip Alder - New york Times
  • David Bird - London Evening Standard
  • Eddie Kantar
  • Marti Ronemus
  • Frank Stewart - Herald Tribune
  • And many more...

Interactive comments will guide you through the bidding and play, just when needed.
Once you've played about 50 Vu-Bridge hands you'll feel your skills growing up!

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2016: Introducing Vu-Bridge Defender

Our brand new series 100% dedicated to the defensive strategy. Try 3 sample hands Try on your Smartphone

You know that you are playing in defense twice as often as you are declarer, and though you will have to cope with a series of poor hands, Vu-Bridge Defender will keep your brain busy. Every month we will supply you with 24 hands and an opening lead quiz.

Vu-Bridge Defender issue #1 is due on February 10th.

Special offer! Order ($39.95) before February 29th and get 15 month for the price of 12!
Order ($79.90) a 2 years subscription and get 30 month for the price of 24.