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September Special:
Buy One, Get One Free... For Your Partner!

Make sure you and your partner play the same Bridge!

Yes, when you purchase or renew any Vu-Bridge subscription, you’ll receive a voucher for the same product, available to your partner Free of Charge.

Just send it to your chosen partner and he’ll fill in his details to get his own access to the same hands…

Available products:
  • V-Green & V-Blue
  • Defender & Slams
  • Quiz Expert & Quiz Beginner

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Fine print:

Offer available until September 30, 2016.
Only one subscription per customer / partner, for one year.

English Bridge Union

Increase your tournament results by more than 3% within two month!

Play Sample Hands

Vu-Bridge helps you plan your play of the cards with accuracy.

Play prepared hands with the best authors:

  • Phillip Alder - New york Times
  • David Bird - London Evening Standard
  • Eddie Kantar
  • Marti Ronemus
  • Frank Stewart - Herald Tribune
  • And many more...

Interactive comments will guide you through the bidding and play, just when needed.
Once you've played about 50 Vu-Bridge hands you'll feel your skills growing up!

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