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What about playing hands prepared by the most famous authors?

This is precisely what V-Green is all about:

The best bridge online format...

... To play hands prepared by the best authors!

David Bird, Barry Rigal, Frank Stewart, Bobby Wolff, Phillip Alder, and more... Play Sample Hands

V-Green has two sets of 24 hands per month available in Standard American system.

V-Green will help you improve your skills and better understand how to plan your play of the hands as declarer and in defense. Subscribe to V-Green: $45.00 pa



"Nothing will improve your bridge more than being able to practice as if you were right at the table, and Vu-bridge has opened that door for a world of players."

Frank Stewart

Marti Ronemus
Marti Ronemus
Paul Bowyer
Paul Bowyer

V-Blue has two sets of 24 lessons: Year 1 and Year 2 and is available in Standard American as well as ACOL versions.

Each lesson has 20 to 22 hands and a quiz to help you practice the game. In total these are over 980 hands and an invaluable sum of hints and advices to turn beginners into club players.

Yes! That's over 500 hands per year prepared by top bridge masters for only $49.99!
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1 Year subscription: $49.99 - 2 Years subscription: $99.98
V-Blue year 3: Your key to play at bridge clubs: $49.95