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Vu-Bridge Defender

If you are serious about Bridge you should have a go with

Vu-Bridge Defender

Our brand new series 100% dedicated to the defensive strategy.
You know that you are playing in defense twice as often as you are declarer, and though you will have to cope with a series of poor hands, Vu-Bridge Defender will keep your brain busy. Every month we will supply you with 24 hands and an opening lead quiz.

The deals will come courtesy of our great team of authors. Vu-Bridge Defender is sure to help you build a stronger bridge armory and become a much sought after partner… This is all provided you stay focused: defending accurately is a tough job!

What's New?

With the pervasive use of mobile devices, many users play Vu-Bridge from more than one single device.

You have a PC or a Mac, an iPad or tablet, an iPhone or a smartphone and you want to play from any location where you have Internet access.

Vu-Bridge has re-designed its web site and player interface from scratch, so that with a single subscription to V-Green, V-Blue or the Quizzes you can access from any connected device.

New Web Site

  • Self-adapts to the size and orientation of your device.
  • Better user interface with a clearer presentation of the products for intermediate players, beginners and teachers.
  • New Vu-Bridge Player with voice feature:  See below.

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